Our strategic roadmaps are helping hundreds of people to understand and embrace neurodiversity as a driving force for innovation and performance.

We do this through

Speaking – Inspiring and insightful keynotes for global college audiences, leaders and teams.

Consulting and Training – Expert advice, practical tools, programs and workshops to support neurodiversity in your organization.

Leadership Coaching – Confidential one-on-one support for neurodivergent leaders and college students.

For Workplaces

Up to 1 in 5 people in the United States are living with learning and attention issues. Many will experience unconscious bias, and feel the pressure to conform. And too many will quit work too soon, due to a lack of understanding, coaching and support.

By supporting all people to lean into their unique strengths, you can improve team engagement, problem-solving, communication, staff retention and more.

How we can help

Request a free Neurodiverse Workplace E-Valuation to start. In this free 25-minute consultation, we’ll discuss what’s working well, as well as the unique (or hidden) challenges facing your workplace or team. 

Your free  Neurodiverse Workplace E-Valuation Recommendation Report will outline opportunities to support your people’s needs through one or more of the following services:

  • Consulting and Training – Strategic advice, workshop facilitation, training programs and more.
  • Keynote or On-Demand Video Sessions – Short, impactful learning experiences offering teams the inspiration and tools to think differently about neurodiversity. Topics include Embracing Neurodiversity in Leadership and Supporting Neurodiverse Teams to Thrive.

Perfect for

Any workplace or organization that wants to support an inclusive, effective working environment. 

For Neurodivergent Leaders

In workplaces designed by neurotypical people, for neurotypical people, the pressure to ‘fit in’ can feel immense. But by mirroring those around you, you could be missing opportunities to lean into your strengths and be recognised for your leadership potential.

How we can help

Our Leadership Coaching Programs are designed by neurodiverse leaders for neurodiverse leaders. In a safe and supportive environment, we offer the tools and counsel to help you thrive at any stage of your career.

Together, we can:

  • Identify and harness your unique strengths (hint: it’s more than what you excel at).
  • Translate your unique strengths into a leadership roadmap, with actionable steps to strengthen your practice as a leader people recognise, respect and reward.
  • Communicate effectively and positively with your team, peers, your boss and leadership levels.
  • Workshop any challenges that stop you from feeling your best at work.

Perfect for

Any neurodivergent leader (including new or aspiring leaders) who want to drive positive change in their careers and workplaces.

For College Students

For many students, college can feel overwhelming – even when you’re getting straight As.

If you’re struggling to make college work, you’re not alone. With the right tools and support, you can achieve great things at college (and enjoy your experience, too).

Your college years really can be some of the best years of your life
Roxanne Turner

How we can help

Our Coaching Programs for College Students are designed to give you the confidence and clarity to succeed at school. We’ll support you to

  • Take control of your schedule, prioritize tasks and manage time.
  • Use your processing style and Executive Function Skills as strengths.
  • Create positive connections on campus and network with people who can help you succeed.
  • Workshop challenges and problem-solve with confidence
  • Set career goals, stay accountable and celebrate your wins.

Perfect for

Any neurodiverse student struggling to meet expectations at college or university.

For Higher Education

If you’re a college administrator or educator, you know how to create a learning environment that educates and inspires.

And when can all students participate? It’s a recipe for inclusion, innovation and performance.

We guide universities, colleges, and schools to become wholly inclusive, innovative learning and working environments through practical frameworks and advice.

How we can help

Our Consulting and Training Services will guide you and your institution to:

  • Celebrate what your school organization is doing well to include neurodivergent students, educators and staff.
  • Identify opportunities for positive change or improvement.
  • Create an actionable roadmap to leverage neurodiversity as a strength.
  • Set measurable targets for long-lasting impact and return on investment.

Perfect for: Any higher-educational or academic institution, school, university or college that wants to nurture neuro-inclusivity as part of a future-focused, progressive learning environment.

Our Bridging The Gap Speaker Series will inform and inspire Psychology, Neuropsychology and Social Work Graduates to apply theoretical learnings in a way that includes and supports neurodiverse people/communities.

Perfect for

(Soon-to-be or recent) College Graduates in Psychology/Human Behavior.