Leading the way to an inclusive, innovative future.

We support workplaces, leaders and colleges to embrace neurodiversity as a force for innovation and performance. Together, we’re creating a future where all people are free to think differently. Because we know the difference it makes.

Why Us?

Meet Roxanne Turner,

Founder and CEO

As Founder and CEO of RBT Coaching, Roxanne is driven by one simple idea. That when we lean into our strengths, we can make an incredible impact.

After reaching the heights of success in her corporate career, Roxanne’s mission is to help more neurodiverse leaders embrace what makes them unique. Through keynote speaking, facilitation, coaching and training, Roxanne supports and champions workplaces and college organizations to embrace neurodiversity as a driver of innovation and performance.

A Certified ADHD Professional and CCE Board Certified Coach, Roxanne’s depth of study, research and training enable her to navigate complexity with care. Trained in Executive Function Skills, Roxanne is armed with practical advice and guidance to help people take control of their behaviors and focus on what matters most.

Roxanne’s own leadership style is empathetic and empowering. She respectfully challenges limiting beliefs, shares pathways for lasting change, and celebrates progress. She’s skilled at guiding all people to see themselves in a new, elevated light.

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