The freedom to think differently.

To solve tomorrow’s challenges, we need students and leaders who think differently today. Together we can embrace neurodiversity as a strength and lead a new way forward. 

Our Services

We give business leaders, industry experts, college students and organizations the tools and inspiration to think differently about neurodiversity. Our practical roadmaps support you to create neuro-inclusive working and learning environments that spark innovation and drive results. 

We do this through:

Consulting & Training

Practical tools, programs and workshops that drive awareness and support for neurodiversity in your organization.

Personal Coaching

Confidential one-on-one support for neurodiverse leaders/leadership and college students.

Keynote Speaking

Inspiring and insightful keynotes for college students, leaders and teams, as well as industry sectors.

Advocating Change

Making a difference at every level of industry, business, college and community.

We do this for:
I have had many business coaches in the past and I always seemed to get coaches that didn't get my vision and purpose. When I meant Roxanne after just a few sessions I knew she had a different approach. Roxanne asked the "right" questions, then we went to work on the solutions. I leave every session feeling rejuvenated and have a clearer vision of my life purpose an ...

Tennis Pro

Business Entrepreneur, Proud Husband & Father

can make homework bearable for parents with kids with ADD. She was delightfully incisive. Roxanne has a playful Socratic method that invites easy audience participation. With a kind of wry sense of humor, she cathartically drew out the  parents’ enormous frustrations around their kids’ prodigious attention challenges in doing  homework, the parents’ ...

Eric A. Hornak


, Denver-Metro CHADD

Roxanne is an exceptional person and personal coach as she can work with my son and me to understand our work issues, personality and style; then collaborates on ways to tackle the big problems. By keeping her (and my) eyes on the prize of completing the most important work, she has helped me change my work habits, so I am more productive and better able to recognis ...

Project Manager

When we hired Roxanne Turner to assist our son, we were hopeful but not sure what to expect, because we had tried many other tutoring options over the years. Our son has struggled with ADHD, dysgraphia, and executive functioning all of his life, and though we always knew he was extremely intelligent, his school work never matched his capabilities.


Personalized Strategies! Roxanne quickly established rapport with my daughter and quickly understood the complexity of her learning profile. Roxanne helped her develop personalized strategies that have enabled her be more organized, advocate for herself effectively and be successful academic ...

Margit Cox Henderson

Ph.D. Psychologist, Author, Speaker Resiliency Resources

You've taught me that success is something that I create! When recommending you to a friend, I would start by saying how personable you are and how easy it is to get to know you with just a phone call once a week and vice versa. I needed a lot of reassurance, (both on confidence/character and my ab ...

Freshman in College

View my progress through a realistic lens! Roxanne Turner helped me to navigate from a “stuck place” onto a forward path, by asking me to describe in writing, both my situation and aspirations. She then helped me think through action steps to move toward my aspirations. The greatest gift she offer ...



We invited Roxanne to speak to our parent group and share her expertise. Her approach was meaningful from the start. She was diligent and thorough in her research about our school community and needs prior to her presentation. In turn, she crafted a presentation that was catered precisely for our school's population. Parent's left with a sense of hope, direction and ...

Lisa Conte


, Denver Academy

Roxanne was my Coach for a few months, and in that short period of time, she worked with me to overcome my organizational weaknesses, taught me how to manage my time better, and ultimately helped me be comfortable with thinking creatively and, for myself. I'd recommend her as a Life Coach to anyone who is drawn to her coaching website and/or is looking to improve up ...


Roxanne quickly established rapport with my daughter and quickly understood the complexity of her learning profile. Roxanne helped her develop personalized strategies that have enabled her be more organized, advocate for herself effectively and be successful academically. I would highly recommend Roxanne to other students struggling with executive function issues.

Parent of a High Schooler

Roxanne Turner has changed my life. If Plato said that the un-examined life is not worth living, I’ll go one further. The over-examined life can quietly erode the bright possibilities of an existence. Which is what I was feeling before taking a chance on working with Roxanne.

Entrepreneur and Freelance Writer

Consulting & Training

Is your organization ‘Neurodiversity Superpowered’? With the right tools and support, it can be.

Our custom training programs and workshops give you the insights, frameworks and methodologies to power neurodiversity in your industry, workplace or college. We’ll guide you to create a neuro-inclusive working and learning environment free to think differently.


A leading expert, coach, and advocate for change, RBT Coaching Founder Roxanne Turner shares inspiring keynotes and workshops with colleges, leadership teams, and workplaces, as well as industry conferences across the globe.

Roxanne knows any organization can become a ‘Neurodiverse Superpowered’ environment  – where diversity of thought is a competitive advantage and driver of performance.

Advocating change

An advocate for neurodiversity in leadership, business and education, Roxanne believes in leveraging the unique strengths of neurodiverse people.

Through her advocacy work with industry,  business organizations, and start-up ecosystems, Roxanne is on a mission to empower more people to own strengths – think differently.

“Great minds don’t all think alike. This simple change – the freedom to think differently – has the power to transform how people see themselves and each other.” – Roxanne Turner