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Personal Development Coaching helps you to shift perspectives and build skills so you can recognize and overcome obstacles to get the most out of your life’s journey.  No matter your age, coaching examines where you are right now and provides you guidance and support while challenging you to move beyond limitations and self-doubt.

Success in school, business and life is no accident…it is a well thought out plan that speaks specifically to you and all that makes you who you are.


Your diagnosis of ADHD is just information offering insight into how you process and use information.  It’s time for you to get curious. Once you understand how your brain works, you can learn to harness its power.  I partner with you to discover your unique processing style and develop systems to leverage your strengths so that you achieve higher levels of success than you thought possible.


A positive mindset is critical to operating at a high level.  Negative thoughts are unproductive and magnify the physical obstacles in your life.  Much like the coach of a high-performing sports team, I work with you to develop the mindset of an elite athlete so you can build the confidence, resilience and deep commitment necessary to embrace challenges and find your unique solution.

Roadmap to success:

Once you discover your processing style and develop the mindset of an elite athlete, you are ready to get into action. We evaluate all that is working well for you and what is not.  Bringing resourcefulness into all you do, we then create a framework for your day to day efforts while transforming underdeveloped skills into new strengths that support you along the way.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. The work we do together is the training you need for the long haul. We develop steps and systems that are specific to you, honoring your processing style so staying in the race is not such a challenge.  This is what keeps you motivated during the times you feel like stopping and reminds you to celebrate along the way.

Curiosity + Commitment + Resourcefulness = a Fulfilled Life