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Roxanne is an exceptional person and personal coach as she is able to work with my son and me to understand our work issues, personality; then collaborates on ways to more effectively tackle the big problems. By keeping her (and my) eyes on the prize of getting the most important work completed, she has helped me to change my work habits so I am more productive and am better able to recognize the improvements I am making.

Roxanne's approach is very welcoming and never shaming. She uses a positive reinforcement style of catching me doing things right and focuses on those things that work, instead of the pathology approach of "you need to stop doing X." The result is greater success and less self-abuse. 



Project Manager

I have had many business coaches in the past and I always seemed to get coaches that didn't get my vision and purpose. When I meant Roxanne after just a few sessions I knew she had a different approach. Roxanne asked the "right" questions, then we went to work on the solutions. I leave every session feeling rejuvenated and have a clearer vision of my life purpose and an action plan on "how to" get there.Roxanne cares every step of the way. I was getting to the point where I felt like giving up, now my business is on its way to new heights. My thoughts and ideas were all over the board and she was able to systematically get me organized and give me ways to think through each one, step by step.


Business Entrepreneur

View my progress through a realistic lens! Roxanne Turner helped me to navigate from a “stuck place” onto a forward path, by asking me to describe in writing, both my situation and aspirations.  She then helped me think through action steps to move toward my aspirations.  The greatest gift she offered me during our collaboration was the ability to view my progress through a realistic lens, rather than engaging in my customary habit of finding fault with myself and my performance.   Those of us who are challenged with ADD and differentiated brain conditions are often very hard on ourselves because we see that others can achieve the same things we desire—but we are not typically able to achieve in the same fashion as family and friends, if ever.  It is easy to be hard on yourself when you have come to believe you are irreparably flawed.  Roxanne helped me move into a headspace where I see myself as real.  Not perfect, but not defective either.   Just real.  And acceptable.  It’s more possible to move toward the life you aspire to when you are mobile, not stuck. Cheers to Roxanne and getting unstuck!



You've taught me that success is something that I create!

When recommending you to a friend, I would start by saying how personable you are and how easy it is to get to know you with just a phone call once a week and vice versa. I needed a lot of reassurance, (both on confidence/character and my abilities to come up with problem-solving strategies all on my own) which you had provided. When I was really desperate and unsure of myself, you gave me the right push and use of strategies to pull myself through the rest of the way. I didn't become motivated to create/fulfill my goals because of a deadline you had set for me, but because I had learned how to be successful for myself and how it feels to do so. I think the most important aspect I've received from life coaching with you is that success does not come in one form or one threshold that has to be met or otherwise I become a failure. Instead, you've taught me that success is something that I create, something that takes time and practice, and something that can only really be measured by yourself. In a sense, I learned to gain the confidence in order to have control over my goals/actions and complete them; and that failure is worth learning from.



Freshman in College

Late last year Roxanne Turner spoke to our Denver-Metro CHADD group on how we can make homework bearable for parents with kids with ADD. She was delightfully incisive. Roxanne has a playful Socratic method that invites easy audience participation. With a kind of wry sense of humor, she cathartically drew out the parents’ enormous frustrations around their kids’ prodigious attention challenges in doing homework, the parents’ resentments for how the school system traps them in this dilemma and their anguish for how these conflicts compromise family life. Moreover, Roxanne simultaneously teaches a myriad of well-researched, practical methods and strategies to help. Participants came away heard and revived with refreshed hope based on positive skillful means they can take home to their kids and families. Light, fun and, most importantly, effective, Roxanne has a rare expertise and style as a teacher and speaker. And besides, she likes planes and Ford F-150’s.

Eric A. Hornak

Founder/Director Denver-Metro CHADD

We invited Roxanne to speak to our parent group and share her expertise.  Her approach was meaningful from the start.  She was diligent and thorough in her research about our school community and needs prior to her presentation.  In turn, she crafted a presentation that was catered precisely for our school's population.  Parent's left with a sense of hope, direction and loads of resources to better support their children.  We consider Roxanne to be a valuable and knowledgeable resource for our students and families.

Lisa Conte

Counselor, Denver Academy