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Event Date: October 13, 2017

CU Denver students are met with many challenges to their academic success. These include challenges typical of every college student, and challenges unique to our uncommonly diverse student population, including complicated family responsibilities and combining work with school.

Faculty are aware of these challenges, yet often lack the language and understanding of empirically-backed “best practices” to engage in meaningful interactions with students. In response to these challenges, the Sociology Department is hosting Roxanne Turner, a local expert on student executive functioning skills, to share her insights on how faculty can promote student success.

Specific objectives for this seminar include the following:

  • Development of new language to help guide faculty interactions with students whose academic success is compromised by overloaded schedules, ineffective time-use management, and lack of goal-setting
  • Acquisition of new tools to help students develop time-use strategies of their own and establish clearly-defined goals with identifiable – and achievable – endpoints
  • Strengthen faculty familiarity with the home-based challenges our students face and ways in which students can have open conversations with others in their lives about optimizing their schedules and time-use for academic success