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Late last year Roxanne Turner spoke to our Denver-Metro CHADD group on how we can make homework bearable for parents with kids with ADD. She was delightfully incisive. Roxanne has a playful Socratic method that invites easy audience participation. With a kind of wry sense of humor, she cathartically drew out the parents’ enormous frustrations around their kids’ prodigious attention challenges in doing homework, the parents’ resentments for how the school system traps them in this dilemma and their anguish for how these conflicts compromise family life. Moreover, Roxanne simultaneously teaches a myriad of well-researched, practical methods and strategies to help. Participants came away heard and revived with refreshed hope based on positive skillful means they can take home to their kids and families. Light, fun and, most importantly, effective, Roxanne has a rare expertise and style as a teacher and speaker. And besides, she likes planes and Ford F-150’s.

Eric A. Hornak

Founder/Director Denver-Metro CHADD

We invited Roxanne to speak to our parent group and share her expertise.  Her approach was meaningful from the start.  She was diligent and thorough in her research about our school community and needs prior to her presentation.  In turn, she crafted a presentation that was catered precisely for our school’s population.  Parent’s left with a sense of hope, direction and loads of resources to better support their children.  We consider Roxanne to be a valuable and knowledgeable resource for our students and families.

Lisa Conte

Counselor, Denver Academy

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